Effective Case Management and Clinical Collaboration
The anaesthetic case portfolio you wish you always had. Chronic pain relief for log book users.
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If you are interested in contacting UBQO (we created Caseleaf) about a story, feel free to get in touch with the company founder, Alexander Kenney, via email:

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About Caseleaf
Caseleaf is used by anaesthetists worldwide to provide concise and effective case management.

For too long log books have been half baked, leading to clinicians viewing them as painful, rather than useful. Caseleaf turns this perception on its head. We believe case management is a vital tool for clinicians. Having all your cases, summaries and a wealth of peer group experience instantly at hand will transform how you approach day to day work.

Caseleaf is a new kind of social network. Clinicians see interesting cases all the time, but their peers don't get to learn from their experiences. Sure some end up being published and everyone learns from these. But what about the others? The ones below the radar. Caseleaf allows you to review and share interesting cases. Just a few paragraphs or multi page. A social pool of knowledge you can all tap into. Have a case tomorrow, but need some advice? Simply do a review search and see what's out there.

Chronic pain relief for clinicians.

For more information, please visit Caseleaf.
About UBQO
UBQO, the creators of Caseleaf, are a small software development company that creates simple, concise software.

We specialise in the development of both Web Applications and iPhone Apps. We strive to produce software that enables, rather than disables, our customers.

We believe that the future of application development is out on the web, with access to these applications split between browsers and mobile devices. The applications of the future will need to be web based, accessible from any browser, and integrate with mobile devices.

We try to avoid jargon and use a human voice whenever possible. You can get hold of our team at any time of day and ask any question you want. We don’t believe in first, second and third line. We are all front line. It’s our code, we stand by it.

UBQO is a Microsoft BizSpark company.
Caseleaf facts
  • Caseleaf is a subscription based web application that enables Anaesthetists to keep track of all the cases that they undertake.
  • Caseleaf is contract free, customers pay on a monthly basis and can cancel at anytime.
  • The social elements of Caseleaf allow clinicians to share interesting cases and learn from the experiences of their peer group.
  • Royal College data requirements are met at the click of a button, taking the hassle out of the appraisal process.
  • The team at UBQO keeps regularly abreast of the changing political landscape updating the application to support new initiatives, such as Revalidation.
  • Caseleaf has a mobile app built into it’s core. This app works on iPhone and iPad.
  • Caseleaf is a UBQO product.
"I used to spend countless hours producing end of year summaries. Now I can concentrate on the day job knowing caseleaf has all my case management hassles covered."

Katherine Brand, Consultant, London, UK
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