Effective Case Management and Clinical Collaboration
The anaesthetic case portfolio you wish you always had. Chronic pain relief for log book users.
Caseleaf is used by anaesthetists worldwide to provide concise and effective case management
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"I used to spend countless hours producing end of year summaries. Now I can concentrate on the day job knowing caseleaf has all my case management hassles covered."
– Katherine Brand, Consultant Anaesthetist, London, United Kingdom
Caseleaf's focus is on providing you with simple, effective case management. Nothing more, nothing less. You'll love using Caseleaf.

For too long log books have been half baked, leading to clinicians viewing them as painful, rather than useful. Caseleaf turns this perception on its head. We believe case management is a vital tool for clinicians. Having all your cases, summaries and a wealth of peer group experience instantly at hand will transform how you approach day to day work.
Chronic pain relief for clinicians. Entering your cases should be simple, fast and to the point. Our cases can be created in under 30 seconds because we bake in a little cleverness. Caseleaf intelligently works out the types of operation you undertake and defaults data when you create the next one. No need to re enter the same information repeatedly. As you evolve, Caseleaf follows.
Because clinicians can't always get to a computer. Let's face it, the computer you have easiest access to is your smartphone. Caseleaf has mobile built into it's core. Sometimes you simply want to quickly add your cases offline and sync once you get access to the internet. You want fast, simple, concise and mobile. Nothing more. Find out about our iPhone/iPad App.

Being part of a social experience. You see interesting cases all the time, but other clinicians don't get to learn from your experiences. Sure some end up being published and everyone learns from these. But what about the others? The ones below the radar. Caseleaf allows you to review and share interesting cases. Just a few paragraphs or multi page. A social pool of knowledge you can all tap into. Have a case tomorrow, but need some advice? Simply do a review search and see what's out there.
The Answer Is ...
  • Will I be able to manage my cases easily?
  • Can I produce real time summaries of my cases, hassle free?
  • Can any clinician, anywhere in the world use Caseleaf?
  • Do you have a native iPhone/iPad App that works offline?
  • You mention Anaesthetists, does it work for Anesthetists too?
  • Are the summaries I need available at the click of a button?
  • Can I cancel my contract with no hassle?
  • Can I export my data and use it in Excel or Numbers?
  • Is there an obligation free trial period to try the application?
  • Is the application updated regularly?
  • Can I document interesting cases I have undertaken?
  • Can I sign up in 60 seconds?
  • Will you only ask me for relevant personal information?
  • Can I read other peoples reviews of interesting cases?
  • Is it possible to search across my whole portfolio?
  • Is it possible to filter my cases to just the ones I need?
  • Will I see case management in a new light?
  • Will you provide regular enhancements to stay up to date?
  • Am I going to love using caseleaf?